Leeds has an absolute wealth of societies all competing to grab your interest so there is an awful lot of text on this page. Take a browse through at your leisure and consider getting in touch with the ones that interest you – you would be daft not to!

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Cutting Edge

We are the Surgical Society here at Leeds. We promote surgery as a career by hosting large-scale conferences and are affiliated with the Royal College of Surgeons. We are a friendly and approachable group of students, with a large following from all years. We don’t expect you to know whether surgery is the career for you; but we provide opportunities for you to build your surgical skills and mentorship within a field of your interest. Members have priority to attend the highly recommended anatomy revision sessions for years 1 and 2 and OSCE teaching for 3rd years


Welcome to LUMPS, the Paediatrics society.

Our aim is to introduce students to paediatrics as early as possible, as little opportunity is given before fourth year. We host events throughout the year inviting speakers to talk about a wide range of paediatric specialties as well as offering a great scheme where members are teamed with a paediatrician mentor who can provide experience and invaluable advice. LUMPS is also a point of contact for any queries and delivers regular workshops that members have found both fun and academically useful. Volunteering and charity work opportunities are also included!

We are a friendly and welcoming committee and are looking forward to meeting you in fresher’s week!

Join us on Facebook (Leeds University Medics and Dentists Paediatrics Society) or email with any questions.


Welcome to Leeds Amateur Medic Musical & Performance Society! Winning best publicity and best non-academic society two years in a row LAMMPS is a brilliant society for all things musical! With our own Big Band (The Arrhythmics), a Capella choir group (The Spinal Cords) and a Musical Theatre strand we perform great gigs, put on Christmas concerts and produce a fantastic musical such as RENT and American Idiot every year – not to mention some fantastic socials throughout. LAMMPS is all about enjoying and performing brilliant music. So whether you’re a musical prodigy with grade 8 piano or just a shower soul singer LAMMPS would love to have you!


Widening Access to Medical School (WAMS) is a society dedicated to supporting students from under-represented backgrounds into higher education and medical school.

We go into primary schools to give presentations on what university is like and we also host events at Leeds University for secondary school student.

Most recently we have been looking for student ambassadors to work with local schools. If you would like to join the team or are planning to go back to your school to speak to students there, why not get in touch to see how we can help? Just email

Medsoc Charities:

Medsoc Charities raises money for three local hospices: St Gemma’s Hospice, Wheatfield’s and Martin House which all provide palliative care for terminally ill patients. Throughout the year we organise a number of different events: from the doctors and nurses bar crawl to the naked calendar, and our new event this year ‘The Safe Sex Show’. We also do a number of collections, our favorite of these being Roundhay Firework Display.


Nephrology Society Leeds is a society aimed at people interested in renal medicine as well as transplant surgery and physiology.

Ultrasound skills and extra development classes are some of the most exciting opportunities NSL offers but that isn’t all. Research projects, revision sessions, volunteering opportunities, external visits and taster days are all on offer, alongside talks from leading renal consultants to perk your interest.

We are a friendly and enthusiastic team comprising of members from all social groups in medicine.

Membership is FREE for 2016 so take advantage of the opportunities we can provide you. Like and send us a message with your year group to our page on Facebook to let us know you’re interested:



We are the Leeds Infectious Diseases society, for those who want to learn more about infectious diseases in both a scientific and public health context. We are a friendly and relaxed society so feel free to come to any of our events. We provide information on careers within the medical specialty, talks on current world events and host student led revision sessions on the infectious diseases aspects of the MBChB.


We are UGAS (the undergraduate anaesthetics society), a society for anyone interested in anaesthetics and intensive care, and finding out exactly what happens in surgery when the machine goes beep! We aim to bring you lots of exciting events about careers in anaesthesia, talks, practical sessions and exam help.


Regurg is the one and only Leeds medical students’ magazine, edited and published by medics, for medics. It has everything from topical articles and illustrations, to advice columns and witty writings. It relies on the creativity and worldly knowledge of you – the new generation of medics – to get your ideas in each term to keep the magazine going.


A group of keen Leeds University students decided to bridge the gap between Islam and medicine by setting up a Leeds Muslim Medics Society. The aim of the society is to focus on the needs of Muslim students within the medical school – including both faith and education matters.

A taste of what we have planned for the society includes: – Social events welcoming new and old students to university – Talks addressing specific medical issues such as organ donation in Islam, euthanasia, islamic death rites etc. – Talks addressing every day issues faced by muslim doctors, including, a day in the life of a muslim foundation doctor, medicine or marriage, can muslim women be surgeons… – Revision lectures, workshops, and practicals specific to every year – Alumni network and mentoring schemes and plenty more in the not so distant future!


CMF is a group of Christian medical students and doctors. We meet regularly for talks, bible studies (1st Wednesday of every month) and socials. We go to a national weekend away every year to meet Christian medical students from around the country as well as linking up with other medical schools in the North-East. Our aim is to encourage and support each other in living for Christ within healthcare.

Leeds Medics LGBT:

A new society for 2016, Leeds LGBT* Medics (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) is a society for everyone including those who are interested in LGBT health issues. Our aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBT medics whilst raising awareness of LGBT healthcare issues. We will host a number of social events throughout the year including club nights in Leeds, film nights and anything you guys want. We want to raise awareness of LGBT health issues within the medical school by hosting talks by LGBT doctors and campaigning for better integration of LGBT issues into the medical curriculum. We want every LGBT student to have the best time at Leeds, but we hope to use this society as a platform for any problems that you face either at university or on placement. Search for us on Facebook ‘Leeds LGBT* Medics’.

Students for Global Health

Students for Global Health wants to empower more students to become involved in the social and political aspects of health, and make a positive impact on the world we live in. It is an exciting society that provides opportunities to campaign, learn, debate and protest, and offers weekly informative talks regarding current global and national health issues. Our conference weekends are a great way to network with our national members and will leave you feeling enthused and ready to make a difference. As part of IMFSA, an international organisation, there are opportunities to get involved in promoting health equity for all on an international level. Get involved today!

Bedside Buddies

Want to do something fun and rewarding with your evening whilst having the chance to meet a bunch of friendly people? Bedside Buddies could be the society for you! We are a university volunteering society who go onto the paediatric wards at the LGI and give company to the patients. Your evenings could range from chatting to the children to carrying out activities such as baking and arts and crafts. It is flexible, only taking around two hours a week! Or contact us at

Humanities & Spiritual Health:

Origami, healthy cooking, talks from doctors, film nights, discussions with the Patient Carer Community… HuSH has something for everyone! We run a wide range of events around medical humanities, spirituality and person-centred care.

HuSH was set up to help healthcare students and others learn about all aspects of health and life – the physical, the psychological, the social and the spiritual. This will not only help you as you cope with the unique frustrations and challenges of medical school, it will also help your patients. All this whilst eating nice food (we always have snacks!), having fun and meeting lots of interesting people!

Email for more details or find our facebook group and page (HuSH Humanities & Spiritual Health) or twitter account @humanspiritcare).


The student clinical ethics forum (SCEF) meets monthly to informally discuss controversial ethic topics that have been seen on placement or in the media, with the added bonus of pizza at every meeting! It is a very relaxed environment and there is the opportunity to present a case, discuss the ethics or simply just listen to how the conversation evolves! We also hold film nights and every year we run an ethics conference and enter national debate competitions if you are interested in debating ethics more formally! Feel free to get in touch:


LEADERS is the “Leeds Academic Development, Education and Research Society”. If you’ve wondered about research in the past but have no idea how to get involved, check us out. We’d be happy to give you the information you need and help you achieve research whilst still at medical school. We cater for everyone’s interests at all levels. Look out for our key events; the summer school and ‘research for dummies’.


Every doctor is a leader which encompasses being able to lead a team of medics, teach and carry out research. LAMsoc is the Leeds Leadership and Management society that gives a platform for medical students to achieve these skills. Through our project bank and contacts we can provide you with opportunities to work with a variety of doctors who will mentor you and guide you through research and audit projects. We also run teaching events and discussions about current topics.

Leeds Medic Panto

One of the most hilarious, witty and debaucherous societies at Leeds, Medics Panto produces a show ever year with members from across the years. Every year students and lecturers come together to put on this legendary show attracting much of the medical school and all for charity. So if you enjoy having fun on stage, a little cross-dressing and getting in the festive spirit then come say hello to panto to find out a little more!


LOS is a brand new society hoping to open your eyes to the world of Ophthalmology beyond the teaching provided in the medical school. We will provide our members with opportunities to learn more about the specialty, run revision sessions specifically aimed at improving skills which frequently appear in the OSCE’s and offer exciting ways to improve your CV. With a strong support network of junior doctors and consultants, the Ophthalmology society is a great way to meet new people and learn new skills


Hello Freshers! We are BrainLeeds!

We are a society with an interest in neurology, neurosurgery and neuroscience. Throughout the year, we will be organising events including lectures, workshops and simulations among other sessions. Our aim is to provide an environment that will allow you to develop an interest in the aforementioned fields. So if you have a love for the brain like us, or the thought of carving into someone’s conscience excites you, or you have no idea what you want to do and the brain seems cool, then come along to our GIAG and join our society!


Interested in both medicine and surgery? Can’t decide between the two? The Obs & Gynae could be your specialty! If you’re interested in Obstetrics and Gynaecology or would like to find out what it’s all about then we are here for you! We run talks throughout the year ranging from what it’s like working in Obs & Gynae, to working abroad or doing your elective in the specialty. We’re a really friendly society and welcome people from all year groups so come and get involved!


Welcome to Leeds DermSoc! We are a society for anyone interested in Dermatology. We aim to raise awareness of skin disease and to give you an insight into Dermatology as a career. We run a number of talks and revision events to equip you with the knowledge you need for your future medical career.


Welcome to Leeds University’s only society dedicated to the field of Psychiatry and mental health! We aim to educate, raise awareness, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and psychiatry, as w ell as providing career building opportunities including: film nights, talks from the field, social and charity events, OSCE practice, a mentoring scheme, and our very own national medical film festival – MedFest!


A warm hello from GPSoc! We are Leeds University’s General Practice society, and are affiliated with the Royal College of General Practitioners.  We are a friendly and approachable group with a large following from all years.

GPSoc hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, so keep on the look out. We have talks on a regular basis from GPwSIs- in for example, minor surgery, cardiology, dermatology, prison medicine, humanitarian/expedition medicine and many, many more; so I am sure there will be something to your liking.

We also team up with other medical schools and host the biggest and grandest student conference going, so keep your keen eyes open to get involved!


Leeds Emergency Medicine Society is your way to find out more about one of the most dynamic, exciting and engaging professions in the hospital setting. It takes the most interesting bits of every speciality and places you at the hospital frontline looking after some of the sickest patients. Leeds Emergency Medicine society holds lectures, practical classes and teaching sessions all with the aim of trying to get you some experience and knowledge of the profession, to experience Emergency and Pre-Hospital Medicine and discover if it’s the career for you.

Wilderness Medicine

Interested in pre-hospital care? Fancy yourself as an expedition medic? Wilderness Medicine Society is for all students interested in the provision of medical care in challenging outdoor environments. Our society will take you on expeditions to hike mountains, teach you skills and techniques and give you plenty of laughs. We also host talks and run training weekends to provide expert tuition.