The Medical School


As you walk down the runway of Worsley building, you may eventually find yourself in the ‘Airport Lounge’. This is the common room of the Medical School and is where you will spend many hours procrastinating with friends instead of going to the library.

Cafe 7

The APL is also home to our very own cafe. Convenient if ever so slightly overpriced. This little cafe usually has everything you need. However, if you are on a tight budget, the union might be a better bet for lunchtimes.


The Health Sciences Library is located on Level 7 of the Worsely. This is where you will find all medical books, journals and a quiet corner to revise. There are, of course, other libraries on campus open to all students.


The MLT will be the venue of your education for the coming year. It is located on Level 7, just off the APL. The MTC comprises of all the smaller rooms used for tutorials and small group work. It is located on Level 8 of the Worsley.