Starting medical school can be a daunting experience and many people may have found themselves unsure of what to expect from lectures, exams and adjusting to the life of a medical student. Fortunately, MSRC runs a scheme known as the Medical Undergraduate Mentoring System (MUMS) to support and guide you as you make your way through your first year at medical school. The MUMS scheme involves giving you your own medic family. You will be paired up with two or more ‘parents’ in second year, as well as fresher medic ‘siblings’. Together your medical family will stay with you through the entirety of medical school!

Your ‘parents’ will be an excellent source of advice to help you adjust to medical school life.

For example, they are a good resource for quality notes, tips on how to handle anatomy spot tests or even making sense of some tricky lecture topics. They may take you out for family meals or nights out during the year and are often a useful source of information on where the best nights out or restaurants are. MUMS can either be used academically, socially, supportively or a combination of all three! You really can be as involved as you like, just make it clear to us which you would find most enjoyable and useful to you.

To help us match-make a family from heaven. You need to fill in a short questionnaire all about you so we can pair you up with like-minded people. Your parents will have completed a very similar questionnaire, so we can ensure the families blossom. REMEMBER. This is your family you will have for the whole of your medical school life so do not forget to fill this out and make sure to show a true reflection of yourself. Us MUMS reps (Charlotte and Ishmael) will pair you with your sibling(s) and parents based on your responses. Only we will see your forms so don’t worry about writing your answers like a personal statement, this is not an official document! We just want to know the person you’d like to be at uni!

The first time you meet your family will be at the introduction at Terrace on Friday 27th September after lectures where you will have the opportunity to get to know your parents and fellow sibling(s). Most excitingly (and importantly), there will be another chance to socialise with your family on Friday 11th October where your parents will take you out on your first MUMS night out! If I do say so myself, this is one of the BIGGEST nights of the year for freshers! Tickets will cost £6 per person. This will involve you meeting your family at their house or a pub and getting to know each other before going together to PRYZM where a booked room (Vinyl) is waiting to host the best night out of medic freshers. If you are lucky, there may be a chance for you to expand your family roots further and meet your grandparents who have also been invited.

MUMS is known for its amazing themed nights out and the fancy dress is topped every year. We’re talking lots of cardboard, face paint, glitter, props, you name it! The theme for this year’s MUMS1 is “Too many cooks spoil the broth” where freshers are to dress up as food items (outfits decided by your ‘parents’). Second years will dress as chefs and third years as Dinner Guests. Every year everyone gets takes the fancy dress very seriously and we’re certain this year will be just as good. Ask your parents for photos of them at MUMS1 last year when you meet them! Tickets will be priced at £6 and sold in the APL in the run-up to the event (an area you’ll become very familiar with).

After MUMS1, there will be other MUMS events in the term including a Family Quiz Night and MUMS 1.5 nearer to Christmas. Who knows who you might be medic married to this time next year…

We look forward to meeting you.

Charlotte Gross and Ishmael Silvestro

The MUMS Questionnaire