Life As A Medic

So all that hard work has finally paid off, you’ve made it into med school. The rush of anxiety and excitement pass over you as you sit in the APL, looking around realising Leeds really is as edgy as people say, wondering whether anyone bought textbooks off the reading list, whilst trying to be the most sociable version of yourself.

Your first year as a medic is officially underway. You’re feeling a mixture of emotions: satisfaction, excitement, and after your first lecture on the thrilling topic of DNA, a whole lot of nerves. Well, we’re here to reassure you that your first year of medicine will be nothing short of amazing.

“Work hard, play harder”

That is the motto you will live by as a medic. You’ll find your own way of how to manage your time and keep up with lectures, including how you prefer to take notes. Committees like medsoc and MSRC (us) are here to provide you with tonnes of support and organised events, representing all things medicine related.

You have a full two weeks of freshers. That’s right, it’s a good job you’ll be here for 5 years to recover from this. You’ll be introduced to all the clubs and societies, so whether taking up lacrosse or joining the surgical society floats your boat, you can join it. You’ll get to meet your medic MUM’s and even your medic grandparents if you’re lucky, who will always be there whilst you frantically panic the night before your first IMS test. You’ll have
loads of events on throughout the year too which you’ll find out about soon.

Brought to you by:

Sarah, Vinson and Elijah

(previous 2nd year reps)